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You are currently in Vertrex's home page. He is a programmer who works for the group known as Alpha Project. That project is actually a group of people and they work on the game called Armagetron Advanced. It is an amazing game with light cycles. Based on the original Tron Movie from 1982.

Resource Browser
Displays resource of the stored maps of authors. Uses SVG to display maps. This feature is only supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera but not by Internet Explorer!
Resource Repository
The location you all should be at if you are one of those people who want to upload your maps and use them to play in the tron servers.
Shows the forums which are being used by the project and the people.
Alpha Project's wiki. Use the wiki for tutorials and documentation for +ap.
Login Maker
You can create your own account which you can use to log into any server.
Authentication Checker
Use this the verify a global ID account.

This website is still under development but with the features provided, please enjoy your stay.
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